Junior Sailing


Welcome to the NHYC Junior Sailing page. From here you will be able to find out what is happening in the world of NHYC Junior Sailing, plan for upcoming events, check results and read regatta reports. You can help us stay current by submitting photos and reports from your recent experiences at practice, regattas or having fun sailing on your own.  

A parent and/or child must be a current member at NHYC in order to participate in any NHYC sailing programs.

2017 Non-Calm Program Resources:

  • To learn more about Non-Calm Program Funding and Support please CLICK HERE

  • For more details on the existing Non-Calm Program Structure please CLICK HERE

  • To learn more about High School sailing at NHYC please CLICK HERE

2018 SCYYRA Calendar: CLICK HERE

The 2018 Southern California Youth Yacht Racing Association calendar is now posted. This interactive calendar provides a complete listing of all the junior regattas happening in Southern California, as well as links to official race documents and the host club's website.  Remember to register for each event with the host club in advance of the regatta.  

Lockers & Sabot Racks

Lockers and Racks are labeled by last names. If your name and locker/rack does not match, contact Cara via email ASAP cara@nhycstaff.org 

And now you know...

The NHYC Junior Sailing program is affectionately referred to as the “Non-Calm” program. Local NHYC lore says that the term was developed from the naval term “non-com,” referring to non-commissioned officers. This seems appropriate, as our junior boaters don’t yet have all the privileges and training of a seasoned yachtsman at our club. 

2017 Junior Board of Directors

Commodore:                                     Reid Wiley
Vice Commodore:                             Betsy Calder
Rear Commodore:                             Wills Cook
Port Captain:                                    Trenton Bashaw

Fleet Captain:                                   Marbella Marlo

Treasurer:                                         Rowdie Peets & Brook Wood

Secretary:                                         Amy Sabourin
Hard on The Wind Liaisons:                Madison Bashaw, Ian Wells & Austin Lamkin
High School Liaisons:                         Sage – Jonathan Chance
                                                            NHHS – Skylar Jacobsen
                                                            CDM – Caroline Horton

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Stay informed about upcoming events and results.Post your pictures from regattas and communicate with your friends about sailing.


CALENDAR Open Calendar
Saturday, June 16th
Non Calm Bowl
Sunday, June 17th
Non Calm Bowl
Saturday, July 7th
Summer Gold Cup
Sunday, July 8th
Summer Gold Cup
Wednesday, September 12th
After School Sailing