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2011 NHYC Cabo Race
NHYC Revives sailing stimulus package


NEWPORT BEACH, CA  (January 13, 2011) - While it might be hyperbole to claim that Newport Harbor Yacht Club is doing its part to help stimulate the North American economy, its just-announced extension of the early-entry discount period mirrors the thinking behind Congress' recent extension of expiring tax cuts.  Namely, these are not the times to be raising consumers' expenses.

With its first amendment to the notice of race (NOR), NHYC extended the $250 discount to all entrants, not just those that entered by January 15.  In addition, the club announced the formation of--and rules for--the first special class for the race, the IRC 52  class.  Interested sailors can read the full amendment on the Official Notice Board page at the Cabo Race website,  

Consisting mostly of modified TP52's, the i52 class was formed in 2009 by several owners based in southern California who wanted to race under IRC, an internationally recognized rating rule.  With growing momentum as a class, they petitioned NHYC for treatment as a unique division within the race, and have been granted status as a special class.  This special class is open to a very narrow IRC rating band to include those members of the i52 class, and TP52’s.

Since IRC differs in some requirements from ORR, the rule for other competitors in the Cabo Race, the IRC 52 class will not compete for the overall corrected time prize.  Members of the class, however, will be eligible for the overall elapsed time prize.

Under the structure of the NOR, any group of competitors can petition the organizing authority for such treatment to provide closer, more exciting racing among boats with similar characteristics.

In other news, in a further attempt to reduce racers' costs and to speed the flow of information critical to race decisions for both racers and race managers, NHYC eliminated its long-held commitment to requiring single-sideband (SSB) radios onboard.  Under the current NOR, competitors can choose to have either an SSB or satellite communications gear aboard. Satellite telephones, most of which are capable of email, text, and voice transmission, are widely available for rent for short periods, such as the duration of the Cabo Race.

For more information, please visit:

Official Race website:       


Jenn Lancaster, NHYC Race Director