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Save the Date: 2012 Baldwin Cup Team Race
March 30 - April 1
Welcome to the Baldwin Cup Team Race!
Baldwin Cup Official Race Web Site

At the end of the month, NHYC will proudly host the Fifth Annual Baldwin Cup Team Race. We invite everyone to join us for one of the nation's premier team racing events!

The Baldwin Cup Team Race is a three-day regatta where all the racing happens right off the NHYC main dock. The mooring field will be vacated, so you'll be that much closer to the action. Over the course of the weekend, the Race Committee will run some 150 races between 12 teams from all over the country and across the Atlantic!

To add to the experience, we'll have play-by-play announcing, on board Kattack GPS tracking devices for a bird's eye view in the Pirates Den and scorecards for those who want to keep the constantly-updating results close at hand. After Friday's racing, join us for Burger Bash and mingle with all the visiting teams. Plus, Quarter Beers all weekend will let everyone say "this one's on me!" All that, combined with a top-notched fleet of boats and Pit-Crew that the Club rallies to provide, make the Baldwin Cup a unique showcase of the sport.

The following yacht clubs have accepted their highly-coveted invitation to this year's regatta:

Annapolis Yacht Club (MD)
Boston Yacht Club (MA)
Larchmont Yacht Club (NY)
New York Yacht Club (NY)
Royal Thames Yacht Club (UK)
Seattle Yacht Club (WA)
Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (NY)
Southern Yacht Club (LA)
St. Francis Yacht Club (CA)
San Francisco Yacht Club (CA)
NHYC Plaid
NHYC Paisley

What is Team Racing?

At the BCTR, a team is made up of four boats. Two teams, identifiable by color-coordinated sails, compete against each other, each race. A round-robin tier system (like in tennis) is used to determine which teams make it to the top. The object of the game is to get your team's boats across the finish line in better positions than the opposing team. The rules of racing remain constant. They are also the most important part of any team race. This importance is based on the fact that a good team will use the rules to its advantage to overcome the other team. It is common to see one boat purposefully slow down in order to rescue a teammate or distract opponents to let other teammates accomplish tactics that help gain an advantage.

The outcome of each race is simply decided: The team that finishes with the least number of points, wins. The "magic" number is 18. The team that has 18 points or less wins the race! Simple math gets complicated quickly as the boats approach the finish and positions rapidly change. For more information on team racing visit We'll be adding more information all month long!

Don't miss out! Mark your calendar for March 30th, 31st and April 1st!

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