Officers & Directors

Newport Harbor Yacht Club has a long tradition of strong leadership. We are fortunate to have a large group of talented volunteers to help advise and guide the yacht club throughout the years. Below is a current listing of the Officers, Directors and key committee chairmen for 2018.

Commodore *
David H. Clark
Vice Commodore *
Darren "Scott" Mason
Rear Commodore *
John K. Fuller

2018 Officers and Directors 

Secretary *
James O. Buckingham
Assistant Secretary *
Treasurer *
Brian R. Burke
Assistant Treasurer *
Fleet Captain
Adam Deermount
Port Captain 
John Whitney
Fleet Surgeon
Ronald N. Kent, M.D., Ph.D
Fleet Measurer 
Scott Barnard
 Judge Advocate
R. Scott Andrews, Esq.
Membership Committee Chairman *
Bradford D. Dwan
House Committee Chairman *
John E. Aschieris


2018 Key Committee Chair 

 Moonstone Mayor
Brad Kelly
Non-Calm Advisory Chair
Brett Bashaw
Skipper Representative
CJ Collins
Hard on the Wind Editor
Harriet Pallette
Policy and Planning Chair
S/C Jeff Gordon
Facilities Development Chair
S/C Paul Marshall
Anglers Fleet Captain
Sean Norton
Cruising Committee Chair
Ken Crume
Race Committee Chair
Daniel Geissmann
Risk Management 
James Carmack
Women on the Water Commodores
Diane Knight & Anne Wiese

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