Officers & Directors

Newport Harbor Yacht Club has a long tradition of strong leadership. We are fortunate to have a large group of talented volunteers to help advise and guide the yacht club throughout the years. Below is a current listing of the Officers, Directors and key committee chairmen.

Commodore *
John K. Fuller
Vice Commodore *
Brad Dwan
Rear Commodore *
James Buckingham

2020 Officers and Directors 

Secretary *
Steve Sims
Assistant Secretary *
Erin Kennedy
Treasurer *
Scott Barnard
Assistant Treasurer *
Robyn Randle
Fleet Captain
Brian Bissell
Port Captain 
Andy Binkerd
Fleet Surgeon
Amanda Schwer, M.D.
Fleet Measurer 
Bob McDonald
 Judge Advocate
Cathy Wolcott
Membership Committee Chairman *
John Aschieris
House Committee Chairman *
Brian Burke


2020 Key Committee Chair 

 Moonstone Mayor
Brett Bashaw
Non-Calm Advisory Chair
Michael Sentovich
Skipper Representative
Zachary Rivas
Hard on the Wind Editor
Rusty Mcdonnell
Policy and Planning Chair
S/C Gale Nye Pinckney
Anglers Fleet Captain
John M. Curci
Cruising Committee Chair
Ken Crume
Race Committee Chair
Mark Conzelman
Risk Management 
James Carmack
Social Chair
Shana Conzelman
Women on the Water Commodores
Deon Macdonald & carol Fuller

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